Susan Bare and Rich Jones
Energy Healing for Couples

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to discover the inner strength and power within that you never knew existed. Susan and Rich are here to guide you as one of the most respected couples in the energy healing field, trusted coaches, award-winning authors and international speakers.


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Are you having difficulties staying motivated? Did you always know there was more to life than doing the same things repeatedly? Well Susan Bare and Rich Jones are here to help you. They will take you on a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY to crush those limiting beliefs. From this moment on you are free to become the best version of yourself.

Previously you may not have taken the steps necessary to drastically improve your life or your relationship. It’s never too late to imagine a better future for yourself or with your partner. Once you discover the right tools the world is your oyster.

You can begin to solve the biggest issues that have always been around in your life.

Now imagine a future where you continue along the same path you have always walked. A path where everything’s the same and nothing changes. Are you happy? If yes then great, keep on living the life you have but if anywhere along the line you are disappointed with the results of your life Susan and Rich are here to help you. To fight for you, your needs and prioritize your well-being. Someone to stand with you when others don’t or wont.

Energy Healing for Couples

Say No to Fighting, Yes to Intimacy

Susan and Rich have together co-authored the award-winning book ‘Energy Healing for Couples’ which is the perfect book to get you started as it offers steps by step instruction on how to take charge of YOUR life and begin to live it on YOUR terms while also respecting and working with your partner.

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My husband and I have been seeing Susan Bare for some energy healing. We were having problems with stress and physical ailments of the back and neck. Susan has helped us realize that we have energy inside us that can heal the body and spirit.
Robert & Angela
Hi my name is Curtis Shields and I wanted to take a moment today to talk about the positive results that I have achieved from the energy healing techniques performed by Susan Bare. Not only does my body feel better but it seems my health and my mind is refreshed as well.
Curtis S
Good afternoon Susan my friend. I met you at Sandy Haven with Aaron group. There was this day I was sitting at the beach doing my security work, I saw you were doing something with another guest. when you were finished, I asked you what it was and you explained to me.